Soldier 76 vs Reaper (Overwatch Rap Battle) ft. Blakinola

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    *Check out Blakinola:*49% to our goal on Patreon:*Streaming on Twitch:*Twitter:*Send us stuff at: PO Box 78324 Corona, CA 92877nn[Soldier 76 verse 1]nnThis is Soldier 76 reporting innand now that I’ve got you in my sights i'll Let the battle beginnThis old dog is feeling spry Take a look at my grinnThis is the face of a man who only knows how to winnMy tactical visor is ready and you’re about to get gotnI’m never missing a shot you can call me Mr.

    Aimbot ohnand I’ll be taking the high ground like Obi-WannnIf you think I’m easily flanked then you don’t know me sonnred white blue my style’s classic and i rock itnbut you look like shop the clearance section at hot topicnby the way Ana said that it was okaynfor ya boy to get a nano boosted play of the gamenn[Reaper Verse1]nnI'd play a little bit more cautiously jacknYou never know when your own shadow might stab you in the backnand make fun of my appearance all you want but realize nthat stupid visor's lookin like you're violatin' copyrightnnThe smell of death has got me feeling damn dandynI’m consuming souls like “Ooo a piece of candy!” nI’m gonna make you wish that you could go and retiren‘cause at least there’d be a chance for you to peacefully expirenyou’re a Man on a mission? Well, tell me what I’m missing nIs the mission driving slow? dad jokes? or maybe going fishing? nI should commend you for being so bravencause challenging me is equal to digging your own gravenn[Soldier verse 2]nnIf you think this is the end then you can think againn‘cause unlike you I'm a man who's got a lot of friendsnand some of them are in the medical fieldnI could recommend them to you to get all these burns healednand what’s the deal with calling yourself The Reaper?nwatching us from the behind, are you sure you’re not The CreepernAnd please can you stop throwing away your guns after a single use?n'Cause I don’t have the time to clean all this up I just swept up your crewnAll I gotta do is take a few steps backnAnd I'll be taking zero damage from your petty attacksnJust turn into a ghost and move alongnThe war is over, I won.

    now you can get off my lawnnn[Reaper verse 2]nnYou think it’s over? put your reading visor onnWho’s face is on the kill feed, camping your team at spawnnIt's me - Every game I’m reapin’ taking souls, everywhere I gonport across the map, a hearty laugh, I'll shoot you in the backnspin to win is all I know, I'm muy fuertenPop the ult, no escaping tornado de muerten nI made an observation of your situationnyou lack imagination!nyou really named yourself after a local gas station?nI won't fall victim to simple attacksnCall of Duty just called and they need your old ass backnEnough chit chat jack you’re wasting timendo the world a favor and just [die die die]

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