Instalok - Aurelion Sol (Lukas Graham - 7 Years PARODY)

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    Because of copyright, we need your help to keep doing parodies: Channel: I was 7-0nTill the dragon ganked menHe was phasing through terrain while he was roamingnOnce I was 7-0nnCreates a newborn star, and then he makes it biggernAnd when he is coming after me he’s always moving quickernBy eleven minutes it’s his fifth time down the rivernGetting slapped up by his balls has got my whole team triggerednnNow he is 11-0nMy mid lane told men“Go sit in base if you just gon’ be feeding”nHow is he 11-0?nnForgot he had a team, because he’s all that I seenSo let’s catch the others out and we can pick up a leadnBut then without a warningnHe kills us while were wardingnA dragon with short arms and legs he’s just a cosmic corginnI fought Aurelion SolnHe countered with ultnI had him but he pushed me back and slowed menKilled by Aurelion SolnnI’m just trying to get bynBy pushing a small wave of creepsnWhen from the edge of fog of warnI see him headed for menWith all of that movement speednI had to burn flash to retreatnBut how can I avoid a stunnThe size of a galaxy!nnSoon he’ll be 60 and 0nThey should have already wonnBut he won’t take our towers down ‘cause he’s still having funnI cannot wait to report this guy when the game is donenBut there’s no way that this can end without him dying oncennMust kill Aurelion SolnWill I carry out my goalnOr will I have to let him finish LegendarynMust kill Aurelion Sol

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