Instalok - Log Out (Twenty One Pilots -Stressed Out PARODY)

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    Because of copyright, we need your help to keep doing parodies: Channel:’m in the mood to play a game so I’m logging innYa know, just quickly queueing up to get an easy winnNext thing I know I’m dead and my score is 0-2nHow did my health go down so fast, only took his QnnAlways thought when things were broken they would get a nerfnBut several months have past and its only getting worsennWhen I’m fighting graves I hate everythingnWhere’s the counter-play? I can’t do anything…nnI see him all the time, ‘cause he’s in every gamenWinning all the lanes, It makes me just want to log outnnAlright, I’m back, not gonna stop ’till “win of the day” is donenBut once again i’m left sitting here thinking, “wow, that burst is dumb”nAnd if I try prolonging it, all I hear is talkingn“Dead man walking”, never stops taunting it but my only chance is to runnnHow do I recover? ‘Cause wherever I go he goes, no hope, He’s so broke, Have you seen his ratios?nBut I still remember back when graves was underpowerednNowadays we’ve learned it’s easier to 1v1 a towernnPlease, I just need win for my first win of the daynJust to get enough IP to buy the champ that counters gravesnGo ahead and call me lame for playing bots my final gamenRiot stop this it’s really not funnynnInstrumental by Karaoke Pop Hits:

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